Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oraganization for your makeup room...

This is my makeup area...I am very fortunate that I have a quiet room all to myslef (unless company arrives!). The white shelf is a scrapbooking materials organizer I got at Micheals..it was $89.99 and I had a 40% off coupon, so I scored it for $50! My desk is just a writing desk...and the other pieces are just assorted furniture I picked up at yard sales or off the side of the road!

These plastic bins came from Walmart..super cheap and great for holding things I dont need out in front all the time. Misc. pencils-liners, hair clips, chapstick, mascaras...etc.

An office organizer that I keep things I use everyday in. My favorite mascaras, concealer, lip gloss...you get the idea.

Another office organizer I got at Walmart...palettes fit perfectly in there! Its supposed to be a letter holder, but hey...all I get is junk mail anyway! My mineralized skin finishes and blushes fit perfectly along the bottom!

Brishes are always a little messy...my most important jar in the clear one..it holds my dirty brushes. So after I am done with my makeup - but in a rush and cant clean my brushes..I just plop them in my clear cup and my desk looks clean!

I get asked about this baby a lot! LOL! Here is how I have it organized...

Chromacakes...theatre makeup...sequins...nail polish and bottles are on top. Then I have my MAC pigments and glitters all lined up (arent they pretty?). ALso I have my frequently used Paint pots, placed upside down so I can easily see what they are.

Then I have some skincare...lotions..empty jars, and frequently used lipsticks. Nest are loose pigments that arent MAC (NYX, Taylor Made Minerals, ets.)..Loreal HIP, and translucent powders. Ribbon and assorted palettes.

Even the top of this baby gets used! LOL! Glues, misters...removers, illuminators...etc. go here. And my jar of feathers! LOL!

All about Glitter! YAY!

This is the glitter collection I got...in the scrapbooking section. I cant belive what I deal I got! Micheal's always has 40% off coupons in the newspapers, so be sure to check!

Mineralized Skin Finish

Here are Gold Deposit and Perfect Topping

Chromacakes VS Mehron VS Kryolan

Let the Epic battle begin! Muah..ah...ah....

Here are swatches of all three with a similar eyeshadow on top...
The first swatch (far left) is from the Kryolan UV Palette -then the Mehron, the the MAC Chromacake. The last swatch is the color without a base. SO you can see that the intensity is affected. In my opinion, they are work awesome as bases, the main difference is how the affect the undertones of the color. I love owning all of them and they are great places to spend you money because you will need less eyeshadow to get a more intense result. You also work the eye less.
You can see a full video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9RRw8sUZZA

Lipstick Swatches -

Here are some swatches of some of my favorite lip colors..keep in mind that I choose these colors simply because they make me happy!

MAC Red Fashion Mews Blast-O-Blue

Neon Orange
Hollywood Nights

Urban Decay, Book of Shadows - $45

This palette is heavy! It has a real weight to it..which I like because the other palettes feel a little flimsy. This one will do well to travel with! WHat I dont like about it is that there is only one matte color in it...Perversion. I like to be able to mix my makeup textures and this palette doesnt really offer anything but shimmer. It has 8 favorite colors and 8 new ones...the really pretty bright green, Absinthe, is gorgeous...but is very similar to Grafitti. I already have a ton of UD shadows...so I could have passed on this one, but decided to get it because I love how travel ready it is!

Perversion, Last Call, Grifter, Mayhem Shakedown, Roach, Scandal, Midnight Cowboy

Baked, Smog, Sidecar, Gridlock Goddess, SHattered, Absinthe, Protest

My First Blog!

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